BNH Luxury Postnatal Care

28 Days

Regent Room

For mothers giving birth at BNH  Price 350,000 baht

For mothers giving birth elsewhere  Price 390,000 baht


Luxury Room

For mothers giving birth at BNH  Price 390,000 baht

For mothers giving birth elsewhere  Price 450,000 baht


Examinations and Services

  • Physical Evaluation by Obstetrician
  • Physical Evaluation for Newborn by Paediatrician
  • Anti-Aging Consultation
  • Psychiatrist Consultation
  • Physical Therapist Consultation
  • Rehabilitation Program
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • Daily health check-up on baby
  • Expanded Newborn Screening and Congenital Hypothyroid Screening
  • Breastfeeding Guidance & Support
  • Baby Care Service
  • Postnatal Cooking Class
  • Postnatal Recovery Meals
  • 24 Hours Nursing Service
  • BNH Welcome Gift set
  • Relaxation Course (Body Massage + Foot Spa + Hair Wash)

Extra Service (with free of charge)

  • 24-hour Chinese Translator Service
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. BNH Luxury Postnatal Care Program is effective from the first day you receive the service as part of your postnatal care program (If the patient purchases a delivery package of the hospital, the Postnatal Care Program is effective from the following day after the due date of delivery package).
  2. These programs cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, membership card or other discounts.
  3. These programs’ prices do not include the COVID-19 screening service fee.
  4. No refunds will be reimbursed in all events of cancellation by a patient.
  5. In case the baby has abnormal condition and additional treatment is required i.e. jaundice, red rashes, tongue-tie condition, circumcision, including other abnormalities occur to the mother and further treatment is required, the Patients are responsible for medical and medication expenses. The hospital staff will inform the estimated cost in advance before providing treatment.
  6. If you require to use baby formula during the recovery period, please be advised to consult with your doctor. It is not allowed to bring your own formula without communicating with our doctor. The patient is responsible for the additional cost of baby formula.
  7. If you decide not to go ahead with your procedure or any other services as part of your Postnatal Care Program, you may contact us at any time to cancel. However, no refunds shall be reimbursed in all events of cancellation by a patient, and the cancellation cannot be exchanged for other services.
  8. The Daily Activity Schedule may be changed at times due to reasonable circumstance, and the hospital will keep you informed of rearranged schedule. If the patient does not participate in the activity, the cost of that activity cannot be refunded and cannot be replaced with other items.
  9. The Relaxation Therapy Course consists of three services at once – body massage, foot spa and hair wash. If any of these services is not completed at a time, it cannot be carried forward.
  10. There will be charges on actual costs of incurred body massage, hair wash and foot spa, in addition to the amount specified in the Postnatal Care Program.
  11. The patient is responsible for the additional expenses incurred from other services not included in the program.
  12. Positive test result for coronavirus (COVID-19) – if you are tested positive, the Postnatal Care Program cannot be used, and full refunds shall be granted.
  13. In the event that the patient has the following health problems:
  • 13.1 Before the service – If the patients have personal health issues that prevents them from receiving services, the hospital is pleased to refund 100%.
  • 13.2 During the service – If the patient has health problems such as postpartum haemorrhage and it is necessary to be hospitalized, the additional costs incurred due to complications are not included in the package price. After being treated at BNH Hospital, patients may continue to receive the postnatal care services as usual.
  1. The Hospital reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.

Requirements for mothers who have given birth elsewhere:

  • All parents and children (including nannies, if any) must be screened for COVID-19 (RT-PCR) before receiving services.
  • Please bring all related documents on maternity history and the child’s history for our team of doctors to plan for further care and treatment.

Provilege Register and Deposit 10,000 baht within 28 February 2022

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Value 6,500 baht/voucher (Total value 13,000 baht)