BNH 123rd Anniversary Delivery Package at BNH Hospital

Over a century of experience in midwifery, BNH Hospital is always a trusted resource for many expectant parents. Our experienced maternity and pediatric professionals provide comprehensive personalised family-centered maternity and childbirth services in a safe, nurturing environment, combined with leading-edge medical expertise for you to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

All 36-week and over mother-to-be who has pregnancy due by 2021 are invited to be a part of BNH’s 123rd Anniversary celebration by joining our special delivery campaign.

You can register by filling in the details below.
and pay a deposit of 10,000 baht within April 30, 2021.

[123 for MOM] Register EN

To register for the packages, please provide your primary information and contact detail.

Have you ever given birth at BNH hospital? *
Are you an existing patient of BNH Hospital? *
Your antenatal care provider is *
Your delivery package options *
Would you like to request a specific doctor? *
Would you like to receive more information by phone? *

  • Gestational age must be 36 weeks and over.
  • This campaign is for single pregnancy only.
  • Registration and deposit must be made by 30th April, 2021.
  • The patient will receive a full refund in case the package cannot be used according to the conditions.
  • Terms and conditions as designated by the hospital.

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