You can purchase the package with the following conditions (Expected delivery / due date by the 31st December 2021) 
  • Registration for the package before June 30, 2021
    Should any complication occur with either the mother and the baby during labor, the package pricing is still applicable, and further treatments performed as a result of complication will be additionally charged at normal rates.
  • Purchasing the package after June 30, 2021
    Should any complication occur with either the mother or baby, the package pricing will not apply and all charges will be billed at the normal rates.

Delivery & Care: Quality Delivery Package

Healthy Birth & Complete Maternity Care

Good antenatal care is essential for the health of the mother and the development of the unborn baby. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, our team of professional doctors and experts will ensure that expectant mothers and babies reap the best physical and psychological benefits available, providing screening tests for complications of pregnancy to detect preventable illnesses and abnormalities such as genetic diseases, Thalassemia and Down’s Syndrome, etc. Early detection in pregnancy will determine early complications in order to find a solution promptly.
Additionally, antenatal care also monitors whether the fetus develops and grows healthy in the maternal womb. If the mother has quality antenatal care and visits the doctor for regular appointments, this can help the doctor detect abnormalities that may occur during the appropriate gestational age. Our obstetric team will provide you with the expert care and support you need throughout your pregnancy and delivery since the safety of you and your baby is our top priority.

Why give birth at BNH Hospital?

BNH Hospital has an outstanding reputation providing world-class healthcare services including experience in maternal care and international patient support for over 123 years. Our team of obstetricians, anesthetists, specialists in maternal and infant medicine and a team of experienced nurses specializing in obstetrics, gynecology and neonatal nursing provide personalized care and services for our patients.

  • We provide maternity consultant services by experienced medical doctors to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery experience.
  • We offer a complete service from the beginning of pregnancy, throughout pregnancy, during and after delivery so you can be assured of continuity of care at every stage.
  • BNH has modern delivery rooms, offering up-to-date equipment and technology, in a safe, private and warm environment.
  • We offer laboratory examinations and necessary screenings required for mothers and babies.
  • At BNH, we highly encourage breastfeeding. We pride ourselves on a specialized medical team that is certified by the IBLCE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners) standard to ensure that mothers will have the first drop of milk for their babies.
  • We offer the right confinement recipes that will help you recover and increase milk production after giving birth.
  • To prepare the mother for an easy transition, we provide comprehensive support and guidance before bringing your baby home such as baby bathing, breastfeeding, latching methods and any other common breastfeeding problems i.e., breast engorgement, sore nipples, etc.
  • Safety of mothers and babies is our top priority, rest assured that every step will be taken care of continuously and diligently by a team of highly skilled medical and nursing personnel.
  • We offer additional services such as postnatal care, child development assessment and vaccinations for newborns, etc.

Giving birth and staying in BNH Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

To help keep everyone within our hospitals safe including maternity patients, BNH Hospital provides the following safety standards and precautions against COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Pregnant mothers must be screened for COVID-19 prior to the delivery.
  • Support person must be screened for COVID-19 prior to attending the labor.
  • Everyone must wear a surgical face mask at all times during the delivery.
  • Assessment of the safety of mothers and babies before birth and throughout pregnancy using Central Fetal Monitor and Central Patient Monitor.
  • Delivery rooms are fully equipped with modern medical equipment, clean, sterile and safe.
  • All of our doctors, caregivers and nurses, are screened before they start work and will not care for you or your baby if they are unwell.
  • Obstetricians and nurses provide close supervision throughout labor.
  • Everyone involved in caring for you and your baby carefully follow strict hygiene practices so that you have a safe and positive experience in our care.
  • We limit the number of visitors in our hospitals as a part of our COVID-19 precautions.

What type of delivery do I need?

When it comes to giving birth, the ultimate goal is “to safely give birth to a healthy baby”. How we accomplish that is sometimes a personal choice and other times a medical necessity. Therefore, the chosen type of delivery should be based on the mother’s health conditions, which need to be considered. It is now known that there are two types of delivery: normal delivery and caesarean delivery, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. While you can decide which option is best for you, the doctor will give you advice taking into account the safety of you and your baby. During your pregnancy the doctor will do blood tests and investigations required including the diagnosis to determine whether you need a caesarean section or not, for example preeclampsia, the baby grows too large (fetal macrosomia), pelvic issues, high blood pressure, slow fetal growth, low amniotic fluid in pregnancy, preterm premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM), or a complication like slow dilation of cervix, etc. Before the time of delivery, the mother should study all aspects of information. Importantly, it is advised that pregnant women discuss your ‘Birth Plan’ with your chosen obstetrician in advance in order to have the most complete and safe delivery experience.
At BNH Hospital, we offer a range of birthing options tailored to our patients’ requirements. Our team of professional obstetricians will go through the different options with you – ranging from a natural delivery, with or without an epidural, through to a caesarean section.

Terms and Conditions for antenatal care and delivery packages at BNH Hospital

  1. A medical history of your antenatal care from the previous healthcare provider is required. During the first trimester, our doctor will take the medical history and carry out a thorough physical examination including Prenatal Chromosome Screening and blood tests to assess the risk of diseases that may affect the baby. In case that the patient rejects the examination, the patient is required to sign on the rejection document.
  2. It is required to have prenatal examinations prior to the delivery which is divided into 2 periods of gestation as follows:
    ● 17-22 weeks pregnant:
    It is advised to have an ultrasound examination (Ultrasound Mid-trimester) and its results should be interpreted by a specialist in maternal and fetal medicine (Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist). In case of transferred results from another healthcare provider, please bring it to our hospital staff in order to have it confirmed.● Pregnancy < 35 weeks:
    You are required to have the following laboratory examinations at BNH Hospital prior to the delivery:
    – Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    – HBsAg
    – HIV Antibody
    – Type and Screen (T/S)
    – VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory)
  3. The mothers are healthy, and do not have any health problems or congenital diseases according to the conditions of the packages.
  4. In case you have antenatal care elsewhere and want to move to BNH Hospital, it is required to see our doctor before 32 weeks gestation. In addition, please bring with you the COVID-19 negative certificate which has to be issued within the last 72 hours before coming to see a doctor.

Other Privileges:

  • Baby Gift Pack
  • A set of Baby Clothes
  • Registration of baby’s birth (Thai version)
  • Free access to breast pumps to help encourage breastfeeding
  • A 10% discount on postnatal care programme (MOM Health 1 & 2)
  • A 20% discount on The Mbrace health products
  • A 30% discount on additional examination items as specified by the hospital

Package Exclusions:

  • Preterm pregnancy < 36 weeks (count by days) / Multiple pregnancy with less than 35 weeks (count by number of days)
  • Pregnant women have not met the hospital requirements of antenatal care (ANC)
  • Complications occurring with either the mother or her baby, the package pricing will not apply and all charges will be charged at the normal rates. Patients with the following conditions are considered to be complex or high-risk cases and will not qualify for the package:
    – Placenta Previa Partialis, Placenta Previa Totalis
    – Placental Abruption
    – Severe Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome
    – Gestational diabetes (DM need Insulin)
    – Patients have a history of hypothyroidism and have been unable to stop taking the medication for more than 1 year / Patients have abnormal thyroid test results prior to the delivery.
    – Cardiovascular diseases such as Pulmonary hypertension, Mitral stenosis, Aortic stenosis
    – Mothers are at risk of contagious diseases such as HIV, Zika, MERS-CoV, Avian flu, Covid-19, etc.
    – Patients with underlying severe medical problems that may affect the delivery process and such attending by physician’s specialist.
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section – VBACNote: For any other special circumstances not mentioned above, the hospital reserves the right to consider using the package on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Charges

  1. Registration for the package before June 30, 2021
    Should any complication occur with either the mother and the baby during labor, the package pricing is still applicable, and further treatments performed as a result of complication will be additionally charged at normal rates.
  2. Purchasing the package after June 30, 2021
    Should any complication occur with either the mother or baby, the package pricing will not apply and all charges will be billed at the normal rates.
  3. The Package Pricing is extended to patients who settle the bill directly to the Hospital only, and cannot be used in conjunction with the credit terms of companies, insurance companies, or discount of any kind may be applied to package prices.
  4. The charge for the different room rate from package price, including items such as a-la-carte food and beverages, telephone charges, guest meals and relative’s bed will be billed at the normal rates
  5. The package prices cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, memberships, discounts or other privileges
  6. With the consent of the obstetrician, relatives can enter the delivery room after the anesthesiologist has successfully administered spinal pain relief.
  7. Full payment of chosen package is required prior hospital admission
  8. BNH recognizes that having a picture of your baby’s birth can be a wonderful way to relive the joy of the moment. However, the Hospital reserves the right to allows only the authorized hospital staff to take still photography during the labor.
  9. BNH Hospital reserves the right to at all times deny, prohibit, suspend, or otherwise terminate any filming or recording activity during the labor.
  10. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  11. Birth Certificate translation fee from Thai to English is 3,000 THB
  12. If necessary, the Normal Delivery Package may be upgraded to the Normal Delivery with Epidural Block Package (100,000 THB), the additional amount of 20,000 THB will be applied accordingly.