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FENO TEST | BNH Hospital


“PM 2.5, the Harmful Air Pollution: Impact on Your Respiratory Health Simply exhale into the device, and you’ll receive immediate results!”

Conducted by Allergy and Immunology Specialists

Note: The price includes doctor’s fee and hospital service charges.

Please make an appointment in advance at the BNH Asthma and Allergy Centre, BNH Hospital, 1st Floor.

Call 02 022 0840 to schedule your visit.

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Colonoscopy | Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy



• This special price is available only for those who purchase via our online system.

• This price does not include deep sedation by an anesthesiologist.

• This special price cannot be used under health insurance schemes.

• Please make an appointment in advance (before arriving for the service).

• This package does not include expenses other than the endoscopy, such as, additional biopsy fees, or inpatient stay (if required).

• Service available until April 30, 2024

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Healthy Senior Male Adult Aged 60+


Health examination for males over the age of 60,that includes tests on the endocrine system,eye,osteoporosis add Vitamin D deficiency.

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SookCiety 3M Screening & Day Care Package



Please make an appointment at least 3 days in advance. 

  • Make an appointment with the BOOCS@BNH for a 1-hour (Cognitive Assessment and Mental State Examination)
  •  You can make an appointment for doctors and physical examination at BOOCS or Line@bnhboocs


Day Care* activities comprise brain-boosting and recreational activities, physical exercises, and personalised exercises. 

Free! 1 snack. Open every Thursday from 1:30-4:30 pm. (you can make an appointment at the BOOCS Department after your Memory and Mental Assessment Service).* Available in the Thai language only.

  • Doctor selection is not available.
  • This package includes doctor fees and hospital service fees.
  • This package does not include service fees for other examinations other than those specified in the package.
  • This package is not recommended for seniors who cannot care for themselves.
  • Please make an appointment at least 3 days in advance.


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Healthy Senior Female Adult Aged 60+


ตรวจเช็คสุขภาพคุณผู้หญิงอายุตั้งแต่ 60 ปีขึ้นไป โดยการตรวจต่อมไร้ท่อ ตา  ตรวจหาภาวะกระดูกพรุนและวิตามิน D

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STD screening


Testing for an STD or sexually transmitted infection in someone who doesn’t have symptoms is called screening. Most of the time, STI screening is not a routine part of health care. But when a person’s risk for getting an STD changes, a health care professional may suggest screening.


Examination List:

  • Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (HBsAb,Anti-HBS)
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
  • Hepatitis C Antibody
  • HIV Antibody
  • VDRL/RPR(Rapid Plasma Reagin)
  • Physical examination
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A transducer applying on the chest wall transmits high frequency sound into the chest. This ultrasound wave will bounce off the walls and valves of the heart. The sound waves return to the transducer as echoes, which are then converted into moving images of your beating heart and its valves as they open and close.

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Exercise Stress Test (EST)


Examination of heart function throuh ecercise using exercisr methods.

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