For a decade, Edward Anderson, 66 years old, was suffering from BPH and its symptoms interrupted his life constantly. Having a full night’s sleep seemed to be his impossible dream. One day, he found a poster about iTind  by chance while waiting to see his Urologist. And this new minimally invasive treatment has changed Edward’s life in a better way.


Impossible to ever get a decent night’s rest

I first noticed my BPH symptoms about ten years ago. After taking oral medicines, they did little to relieve symptoms in my case and caused negative side effects. I often get up as many as four or five times a night to pee. This made it nearly impossible to ever get a decent night’s rest.

A possible solution to my trouble with BPH

While waiting to see Dr. Suntchai at BNH, I read the material that was displayed for the new iTind procedure. It sounded like a possible solution to my trouble with BPH, so I then consulted with Dr. Suntchai and did more reading at home on my own. After doing my research and thinking it over, I decided the iTind procedure was right for me.

Almost entirely pain free

During the procedure Dr. Suntchai planted a tiny, temporary device into my prostatic urethra. The procedure did not last long and my immediate post-procedure pain was minimal, though some mild bleeding persisted for a few days.
Once at home, I was able to move around with some discomfort and incontinence. I chose to stay at home for the entire week after the procedure to avoid any accidents. One week following the procedure, I returned to BNH so that Dr.Suntchai could remove the device he had implanted in my prostatic urethra. After that, I was almost entirely pain free and able to resume all normal activities.

It has changed my life

For the first six weeks following the iTind procedure I experienced almost no improvement in my symptoms. However, around the second month after the procedure, I began noticing a subtle reduction in trips the bathroom at night. By the end of month three, I was waking on average one time a night to pee, which represents a dramatic improvement. For the first time in a very long time, I am now sleeping soundly through the night.

My thanks to Dr. Suntchai, his team, and to BNH for pioneering this treatment in Bangkok. It has changed my life.


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